Help Us End Pay to Slay!

Dear friends,

This week, a beloved dual American-Israeli citizen and pro-Israel activist, Ari Fuld, was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. Just days later, the Palestinian Authority (PA) announced that the family of Khalil Jabarin, the terrorist who killed Fuld, would be eligible to receive a monthly stipend as part of the PA’s policy of rewarding terrorist “martyrs.”

Earlier this year, IAC for Action was proud to partner with a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders to ensure broad support for the Taylor Force Act, which acts to end this repugnant policy of financially rewarding terrorists and their families. We are very grateful to Congress and the President for passing this important bill into law.

Although the Taylor Force Act is now American law and has begun to be implemented, the PA’s swift announcement that the terrorist Jabarin’s family would be eligible for a cash reward for killing American-Israeli Ari Fuld underscores the urgent need for the law to be enforced to the fullest extent possible. Below, please find a letter that we sent to all members of Congress today, urging them to translate U.S. policy into action by calling for strict implementation of the Taylor Force Act.

Your voice matters. Please join us in honoring Ari Fuld’s memory and working to bring an end to the PA’s reprehensible “pay to slay” policy by contacting your local member of Congress to urge the enforcement of the Taylor Force Act.



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Thank you for taking action against the Palestinian Authority's atrocious "pay to slay" policy and for supporting the Taylor Force Act. 

May the memories of Ari Fuld and Taylor Force be a blessing.